A telescopic ladder provides the utmost flexibility to its users. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. Regardless of how low or how high you need the ladder to be set up, a multi-position ladder can definitely adjust to your needs. This defies the need to purchase multiple ladders with different heights. Start saving by investing in functional and multi-purpose telescopic ladders, now!

A telescopic ladder is easy to transport and to store. It can be folded as low as 2 ½ feet and can weigh as light as 20 lbs, making it easier for you to hide it in your trunk or even your closet. This collapsible feature of this type of ladders made it as the most preferred ladder by household and even professional users.

A telescopic ladder has shocked the market with its amazing features. Traditional ladders cannot compete with this top-quality equipment. One of the best features of telescopic ladders is its capability to be converted into several shapes that will allow you to reach areas that a traditional ladder is limited to do.

There are a lot of telescopic ladders available in the market. It is best to inspect their features before you start posting your orders.

Regular Telescopic Ladders

These ladders are usually made of aluminum. They are adjustable to a maximum height of 15.5 feet and can be easily stored since it can be folded as low as 37.8 inches. You can easily carry this around since its total weight is only 35 lbs. Despite this telescopic ladder’s weight, it can support a maximum load capacity of 250 lbs. There are different variations of these ladders and you can choose from several height extensions, weight, shapes and workload capability. The price depends on the style and other specifications.

Telescopic Multi-ladder

This type of telescopic ladders usually costs between USD 100 to USD 150. The price greatly depends on the ladder’s height. Variations of height are from 13, 17, 22 and 26 foot. You can commonly find the 13 foot multi-ladder. This multi-ladder weighs a maximum of 28 lbs and can support a maximum work load of 300 lbs. With its weight and work load capacity, this type is convertible. You can easily convert this to a 3 to 5 foot stepladder or 1-2 foot scaffold. This will provide you with much flexibility at a very low cost.

Combination Ladders

This type can be an 8.5 feet stepladder and can be extended up to 10.5 feet. You can adjust the other side of the ladder in one-foot increments allowing you to be able to use it in stairs and uneven surfaces. This ladder uses state of the art technology that allows it to be converted from a 10 feet ladder to an easy to store package. You can also change the height of this ladder in just a few seconds. It is also OSHA and ANSI standards-compliant. This is usually sold at around USD 370.

Purchasing a telescopic ladder may be more expensive than buying a traditional ladder. But when you start to inspect its features, you will learn that it will definitely give you more savings. It is better to purchase convenient and multi-purpose telescopic ladders than spend on multiple ladders with different height and functions.